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CloudTuner is basically an advanced on/off switch for your cloud resources. Built with Amazon Web Services in mind, CloudTuner allocates and deallocates Amazon resources based on when you need them. By doing this, you only pay for resources during the needed hours of the day, thus cutting your costs dramatically. The best part, it doesn’t cost you any additional money. Our business model is simple, we only charge you a small percentage of what you would have paid had you kept the lights on for, those resources we shut down for you. Check out the detail below, fill out the form and we would love to discuss the solution more.

Business Hours Only

For years you were asked to turn off the lights when you left a room.  Now let’s turn off the servers when you leave the office and have them turn on automatically before you sit down to start work the next day.  All Cloud Tuner transitions support dependency and synchronization intelligence.  Our most popular use case is explained.

On-Demand Environments

Creating sandbox environments in the cloud is easier than ever.  Easily deactivate them when not needed, then save money when activating them again by not having to redefine the environment.  Keep multiple resource groups ready for action with the click of a button, and automatically schedule the turn down at the same time. Great for Hot-Fixes and Proof of Concepts.

Scheduled Scaling

Do you know when you will need more cloud resources for your environment?  Do you have an annual event that requires more resources than normal?  Automatically tune your Elastic Beanstalk scaling parameters and your RDS database instance, then revert back automatically.  Never worry about resource availability again.

Monitored Environments

Cloud Tuner’s patent pending process allows you to interact with external systems, such as monitoring and notification systems.  Easily monitoring your environment when available, and avoid noisy false alarms when the environment is turned down to save money.  Perfect for zero downtime development and continuous integration.

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